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BED BUGS and where they hide

Bed Bugs


Bed Bug


I want you to think twice before reading this. I certainly don’t want you to question every place you go. Staying at home in a bubble is not a solution either. But this is a interesting Article I found about the different places Bed Bugs can and will hide.

Most commonly found in Motels and Hotels for obvious reasons. You should always remove all covers and sheets to inspect the mattress and even more importantly the underside of the boxspring. A lot of times people inspect and treat the mattress but forget about the boxspring. Quality Mattress covers for both mattress and boxspring are a good pro active method to help fight these blood suckers.


How to protect yourself from the Plague – Cimex Pest Solutions

Rodents and The Plague

I’m sure by now you have heard the news about two deaths from the Plague in New Mexico. So here are a few very short ideas from a pest control standpoint.

This disease is transmitted from fleas and the one pest which seems to always have fleas are Rodents. Regular exterior treatments will take care of the fleas and by adding a few rodent stations you will better protect your property from a over populated rodent activity.

Fool proof? Guaranteed? NO! But for the average homeowner with these two services the chances of getting the plague is virtually zero.

Be aware of the symptoms and consult with your physician if anything is abnormal.


Did you know that Bat’s are great pollinators???

Pollinators and how to attract them

It’s true. We all know that bee’s help pollinate but fact is that they are not alone at work. When selecting a Pest Control company be sure they do not treat flowers as this is one sure way to kill bee’s. The technician who services your home should treat the soil around your home not your plants unless necessary.  Here is a great (short) article that’s worth reading

Bats, Beetles, Butterflies… And Other Pollinators That Aren’t Bees (and How to Attract Them)

In the market for Pest Control Services?


Choosing A Pest Control Company

No matter how notorious a place is known to be. It usually leaves a permanent impression with us as humans. Especially when we grow up there. This is what happens when a local person is taken to an urban environment. After a while, they begin to suffer from nostalgia. All they want to do is go back home to where they belong. Let us use Lakewood Ranch as a case study.


Lakewood Ranch is a beautiful community in Manatee County region, Florida. The community which was built on a former timber Ranch have experienced a lot of growth through the years. But this environment is also known to contain various pests. Even with the pests, the culture and loveliness of this environment make it inhabitants fond of it.


Moreover, dealing with pests can be so annoying. Therefore, when individuals get tired of them, they opt for any commercial pest control company they come across. They do this because they want to get the pests out as soon as possible. Not considering whether they are working with a professional pest control company or not.


However, this end up affecting the customer in the long run. This is because most of the pest control companies do not provide efficient and professional services. In this case, the consumer ends up losing a great deal. The consumer loses money and still suffer from pests. Therefore, it is important to look carefully for good pest control company. But, getting a good and professional pest control company doesn’t come easy. That is why we will be giving you tips on how to recognize good pest control companies.


How to spot a good Company


  • Insurance

This often gets overlooked but many companies out there don’t have the right kind or not enough Insurance. This could become very costly to you if something happens. Also if you let someone into your house, you’ll want to make sure they are bonded and the employees are background checked.

Lets say the company truck does damage to your property but only has personal auto insurance, not commercial. Nothing is covered. If a technician gets injured on your property and they are not insured with Workers Comp, you can get sued. Please ask about these things before you hire someone.

  • Reputation

Even outside the pest control niche. Of a consumer looks to patronize any company, he or she needs to check the company’s reputation. The consumer needs to ask around for people who have patronized the company before. Get their experience of the company before taking any step. However, asking around might be a little bit stressful. Therefore, we advise that you check the internet for easy access. However, one needs to be careful when checking the internet. This is because some companies pay people to give them good reviews.


  • Transparency


You should also look out for how transparent the company is with its services. One of the ways to check the transparency of the company is their prices. If a company cannot be transparent with a thing as simple as their prices, that is a red alert. Some companies operate on the guise that they offer different services that is why they do not have a fixed price. But most times, these are just lies and strategies for you to purchase their service.


  • Education 


Check to see what kind of Pest Control Education the person has who comes to your home. In Florida most technicians are NOT certified. They work under the Certifications of the companies Manager. All they are required to do is a 2 hour continued education class (CEU) each year. At Cimex Pest Solutions only a CERTIFIED Pest Control Operator will visit your home. Each and every time.


  • Government approval


You need to check if the company is government approved or not. A company without government approval might run away with your money. So, it is better make sure of that.

The Cost of Pest Control

The cost of pest control and why no one is upfront about it

The mindset of other companies.

In this day and age we all are researching products, services and prices online. If you’re on a website and you can’t find anything about cost what is the emotion that goes through your head? If you are like me, you’re frustrated. So what do you do when you cant find any prices? Do you continue to look on the website? “Well, of course not”. How about calling them instead? Do you pick up the phone to find out more about what services cost? No of course you don’t. You and most people move on and keep searching the internet until you find what you’re looking for. Usually wherever you find your answers, that’s who you buy from. Or at least who gets your first phone call.

As buyers we know that companies know how much their services cost! They know the answers but are not giving them to us. Now we feel like they are hiding something from us. There goes trust right out of the window.

So why is no one upfront about Pest Control Pricing?

Usually there are 3 reasons…. 3 excuses

“Our services are very customized, no treatment is the same or our prices are not set”. So in other words “It depends” is the first reason.

Because of the competition” is the second reason. We don’t want our competitors to know what we charge? Really? Companies pretty much know what our competitors charge. We meet at Seminars and talk candidly about what we do, how we do it and what we charge for it.

We are more expensive then most other companies” we are afraid that we may scare away potential customers. But that’s not so for potential customers. They are searching for a price. Any price and if we as service providers withhold that information we are placing a seed of doubt into peoples minds. This is worse the not providing any information at all.

On average 70% of the buying decision are made before people talk to a sales person. So why hide prices? Yes to costs vary depending on severity of the infestation, conducive conditions, what type of infestation, size of the house and how well the homeowner prepped before the treatment. BUT Companies can be upfront with our most common services, explain a little about what is included and let the client make a informed decision.

Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to introduce to you our Price List. Granted it’s still small but will grow as requests from people like you come in. Cimex Pest Solutions will not be one of these companies who insist that you talk to a sales person in order to get a price. We will be honest and upfront about our cost to provide you with excellent service.


We will exceed your expectations, I guarantee it!

Pest control price

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies


Girl Scout cookies have gone digital

Through my daughter Hailey, who is a Girl Scout of Troop Gulf Coast 505, customers now can buy cookies online and have them shipped to their door from around the country.
“It’s just convenient. It’s the way we live our lives right now.”
The Digital Cookie program, which began Jan. 1, teaches girls several new business skills, including developing their own secure website and learning about e-commerce and e-marketing.
“Digital Cookie is a move into the 21st century,” said Jennifer Medeiros, public relations and media manager of Girl Scouts of West Central Florida, which covers Marion County. “It’s another way for girls to aid them in their sales, and also to teach them an expanded skill set.”
Digital Cookie educates girls on how to interact with customers in a digital realm, an attribute they can use later in life.
If you think about all of what we do online today, it only makes sense for the Girl Scout Cookies to be available through an e-commerce platform.
Although the Scouts have gone digital, door-to-door sales, sales to friends and family and booth sales are still prominent.
Girls can choose which sales approach they would like, but Digital Cookie should be viewed as an enhancement, and not the sole way to sell.
Selling in person gives girls a chance to directly interact with customers and gain people skills, which are the core components of the Girl Scouts Cookie program.

If you would like to help Hailey reach her goal of selling 500 Boxes of cookies click the link below to start your order


September Bug of the Month

Love Bugs Begin Seasonal Invasion of Florida


As many motorists are figuring out courtesy of the sticky, gooey corpses hanging from headlights and front bumpers. Love bug season has returned.

These pesky little black and red bugs make their appearance each May and September,. Leaving a trail of carnage in their wake as they readily collide with vehicles on local roadways. Generally seen in pairs that are locked in a reproductive position. The slow moving critters enjoy two mating seasons a year with an estimated four week peaks each May and September.

vw love bugs



Here are a few things you need to know about these crazy little critters as they begin their invasion


  • Where they come from – There’s an urban legend around these parts that the University of Florida introduced love bugs to the Sunshine State.
    As with most urban legends, it’s just not true. The bugs migrated all on their own from Central America, first arriving in Texas and Louisiana before making their way to Florida.


  • When they are active – Love bugs tend to be most active between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. They prefer it when the temperature outside is above 84 degrees.


  • Why they love highways so much – For those wondering just why it is love bugs tend to congregate in a suicidal dance along roadways, the university delivers an answer. These insects are attracted to decomposing plants. Unfortunately, for people’s cars and their paint jobs, the odor of exhaust fumes confuses and draws them. What’s more, they just like heat, so highways are the place to be.


  • Other things that attract them –  One of the reasons why the critters seem drawn to garage doors is the fact that adults are attracted to surfaces that are light-colored. They also seem to enjoy freshly painted surfaces.


  • lovebugs on carHow to remove them from vehicles – These little guys are known for getting “baked” onto the car and may damage paint if they are left in place. With that in mind, it’s best to wash them off as soon as possible using a soap and water solution. A good soaking of about 20 minutes might be required to loosen them for removal.


  • How to get rid of them – This can be rather problematic. UF says chemical pesticides are pretty ineffective against the twice yearly swarms.

August Bug of the Month: Fire Ants- Cimex Pest Solutions

What Are Fire Ants?

fire antsMost people identify this Ant by the appearance of the mound. The painful sting of the fire ant’s bite is another good indicator, but not recommended as a method of identification. Fire ants build
mounds in almost any type of soil, but they prefer open sunny areas such as pastures, parks, lawns, and fields. Their mounds can grow 18 to 24 inches in height if the soil conditions are right. Often mounds are located in rotting logs and around stumps and trees. Colonies can also occur in or under buildings. The ants themselves are reddish brown in color and roughly 1/8 to 1/4 inch in length. Fire ants are also a major problem, as they invade and destroy a variety of crops, from soybeans to citrus, to potatoes to sunflowers. They are also a nuisance to people and animals, with their painful stings.

The Danger?

When attacking, fire ants first use their mandibles to grip their prey, and then inject venom through a stinger.
fireantmoundFire ant stings are painful for most humans and fatal to some: if a victim experiences a severe reaction such as sweating, nausea or excessive itching, emergency medical services should be
contacted immediately. Their sting, which includes alkaloid venom, is highly irritating to humans and results in red bumps and white pustules, which can ultimately lead to scarring. The sensation of a fire ant burn has been described as “stinging” and “intense burning,” and fire ants are known to attack potential threats or prey in large numbers. A fire ant colony may contain 100,000 to 500,000 insects, thus increasing the likelihood that multiple stings will be inflicted.

When you see a dirt mound built by fire ants, your first inclination might be to kick it or otherwise try to damage it. That would be a big mistake, because fire ants will respond immediately

Approaches To Controlling Fire Ants

Professionally trained pest control experts have a number of strategies to counter red imported fire ants. They may use broadcast bait treatments or focus on treating each dirt mound on an individual basis. Sometimes a combined approach is best, with broadcast and targeted attacks carried out simultaneously. Your pest control professional may also use barrier and spot treatments, depending on the situation.

The Risk Of Reinfestation

Remember that fire ants are tough and can adapt to changes in their environment, including pest control measures. Reinfestation is a constant threat. Ongoing fire ant control must be maintained to keep them at bay.

If you have recently detected red imported fire ants on your property, you’ll want to get rid of them as soon as possible. The professional trained experts at Cimex Pest Solutions have the experience in eradicating pests like these in the Manatee County and Sarasota area. To set up an appointment for service, consider calling the ant control expert at Cimex Pest Solutions today.