Residential Pest Control

Our residential  pest control service is fast, effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family, friends and pets. We work hard to service every client in a environmentally responsible manner.


Pests are more then just annoying, they also pose a health risk by spreading bacteria and viruses. They are also known for causing allergies and asthma. At Cimex we first identify the pest, then figure out why they are inside of your home and finally where they are coming from. We don’t just spray and pray that the products work. We research the problem on site and create a attack plan which includes more then just pesticides.  We use techniques such as caulking to seal off entry points or prune the tree branch laying on your roof just to name a few. Then we treat as close as possible if not directly into the nest where these pests are coming from.


Our 14 step Initial Service

1: Treat behind electrical outlets with a fine dust to eliminate pests living inside your walls.
2: Tread voids with a fine dust where insects like to hide such as behind the water heater or under cabinets.
3: Treat and seal other voids such as plumbing penetrations to prevent insects from using these as highways to food or water sources.
4: Inspect and treat the attic. We make sure that there is no activity from pests such as rodents. Then apply a long lasting dust or granular bait.
5: If needed we apply a granular baits for roaches behind and under appliances.
6: If ants are present in kitchen or bathrooms we apply a gel bait in strategic locations.
7: We set up non toxic insect monitors under sinks or where insect activity has been noticed.
8: Treat entry points such as window and door thresholds which insects have to cross in order to gain access to your home.
9: Exterior Inspection where we focus on insect activity and entry points.
10: Removing or sealing entry points such as branches or openings around cable wires.
11: Direct Nest treatment. If found we apply a liquid product directly to the nest killing the colony instantly.
12: Removing Spider webs and Wasp nests up to 18 feet.
13: Applying a long lasting liquid product along the foundation, windows, doors and if warranted the eve line.
14: Applying a granular bait to shrub beds, planters and around trees withing 30 feet of your home.

This Residential Pest Control Service is continued on during your regular scheduled appointments. If at anytime in between these appointments you notice pests inside your home we will revisit, inspect and treat at no additional charge!


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Residential pest control

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When treating any area, your health and the health of your Pets is most important to us.

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