Wildlife Removal in Manatee County and Sarasota. Opossums, Rats, Raccoons, Skunks and Mice just to name a few

Wildlife Removal

Oppossum in Humane Cage Wildlife Trap


Do you hear something in your attic at night? Is someone knocking over your trash cans? You may have a wild life problem which will worsen over time it not dealt with. Then Wildlife Removal Service is for you.

Wildlife is enjoyable from a distance, but creatures invading your home are another matter. Cold weather often drives animals to seek shelter indoors. Even in warmer months, easy access or the smell of food may tempt rodents and others inside. Particularly in extreme weather, animals may take refuge in your crawl space or attic. Rodents can build nests out of insulation, gnaw into wood and plaster, and chew through wiring. Structural and electrical repairs are costly, and fire danger escalates with damaged wiring.




Professional Wildlife Control

Our Wildlife Trapping process provides a non poisonous method which is safe for all animals. Let us help you keep your family safe from any unwanted animal nuisance.

Wildlife Trapping

Raccoon stuck in eve line trying to get into the attic

After we safely remove the unwanted nuisance we will provide professional home repairs and a one year guarantee of our work. Our goal is to trap and remove any unwelcome animal nuisance in the safest and most humane manner possible. The animal is trapped and released back into it’s natural habitat. We also provide removal of dead animals from your home or property.

We highly advise against trapping animals by yourself. What will you do with the animal once you catch it? Relocate it out of the neighborhood? Raccoons for instance have a territory range from 7 acres to 20 square miles. What if you get bit handling the cage? Raccoons can carry rabies for instance while Armadillos can carry and transmit leprosy to humans. Therefore please, let the professionals handle it.


Please check out the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Page for lots of helpful information about Florida Wildlife