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My No Bull, No Risk, 100% “Make you Happy” or your Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee is one of the best Pest Control Guarantees in Florida. If you’re not satisfied and 100% happy with the outcome after you hired me to get rid of your bugs for 30 days, I’ll come back out and retreat your home for FREE! And I’ll keep on treating it for FREE until the bugs are gone and you’re happy. If you’re still not satisfied with that, I’ll give you back every penny you spent for the initial treatment.





So what are you waiting for? Call or Text me right now and tell me how I can make you HAPPY.


Bed Bug Treatment

We use a 4 step treatment process to achieve full control. Inspection, vacuum, spot heat treatment and a chemical application. Comes with a hassle free 30 day Guarantee.

Termite Control

There are many ways to protect your Home from Termites. The two most common are Liquid and Baiting treatments. Both of them have their own positives and negatives. We would be delighted to give you our professional advice as a professional pest control to make a better decision and also go extra mile in providing pest control services to different places including Bradenton, Parrish, Longboat Key, Palmetto, and Ellenton.

German Roach Elimination

Very difficult to eliminate due to their rapid reproduction. This service requires several treatments with several different NON-REPELLANT pest control products that only the modern pest control can handle. Please do NOT spray anything yourself because it will make my products not work. This service also requires the help of the residents to keep things tidy. Every corner of invested rooms has to be treatable.

Rodent Control/Exclusion

Before you can successfully eradicate Rodents from your Structure it needs to be secure. We start by sealing off all entry points around your house including on the roof. For this we use only the best professional grade products. Then we set up traps in the attic or crawl space to remove any Rodents. Finally you will receive a written 12 month warranty for the work completed.

Mosquito Fogging

Worried about the Zika Virus? This service is a must for you! We will use an all-natural product accompanied by a growth regulator. The premier pest control service will inspect the exterior for problem areas and correct them if possible. This is also best for those living near Manatee County and Sarasota County. For best results we recommend monthly service.

Wildlife Removal

Tired of picking up your trash cans every morning? Not to worry. The commercial pest control will inspect the surrounding area and place traps near the animal’s home. We will then trap and remove the pesky critters for you. Trapping is a flat fee, regardless of how many animals we catch. Did you find a dead animal in your pool or on the property? One call is all it takes to have us remove it for you.



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